Should I Use My Bank For My Mortgage?

Should I just get a mortgage from my bank? Consumers that choose to work with their personal bank for mortgage financing think it's that simple. So let's flip the script here. If you think getting a mortgage with your personal bank will make the process easier, faster, cheaper, you're going to be seriously disappointed. 

Now, sure, I agree that the free lollipops are great or chatting with my friendly bank teller Denise each week is nice, but Denise isn't handling my mortgage transaction. And a lollipop isn't gonna help me get my loan closed on time or make it any cheaper. So ask yourself this: if it's not cheaper, and it's not faster,  and you can get better personalized service from a mortgage lender or mortgage broker, why should you get a mortgage from your bank?

Get the real deal, work with professionals that built their business off building relationships, not big football stadiums, with their name plastered across the top. 

If you have questions about choosing the right lender, give me a call. I'm Don Anfuso, your Mortgage Pro for Life.

Client Testimonials

To be honest, most of my clients come to me by referral. When it comes to one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, you want to make sure other people have had the positive experience you’re hoping to have.
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  • "This is now the third time in eight years I have worked with Don. Every time is easier than the last if that was even possible."
    Review 5 Stars
    Kevin Alcott
    “As first-time homebuyers, we were hesitant and questioning a few things, but Don was always available and willing to answer any questions we had.”
    Review 5 Stars
    Nick Mattia
    “He told me what I needed to do and told me if I did it I would be in a house in 8 months and he was absolutely right.”
    Review 5 Stars
    Ryne Barry
  • "Don was always available when I had questions or doubts, was completely transparent and helped me make some very smart financial decisions."
    Review 5 Stars
    Kate Lewis
    “As first-time homebuyers, Donald and his team made the process smooth, easy and fast! Always available to ask questions, even after work hours!”
    Review 5 Stars
    Renata Clasadonte Iannitelli
    “His honesty, consistent follow-up and advice were invaluable in our process and made us feel comfortable trusting this major milestone in his hands.”
    Review 5 Stars
    Anthony Loffredo
  • “He was clear and transparent in his every move and it was a fairly smooth process. He even sent a lovely housewarming gift that we adore. ”
    Review 5 Stars
    Kathy Capozzi
    “The process was seamless and Don was available to answer all of our questions timely and thoroughly. ”
    Review 5 Stars
    Jessica S.
    "Don helped us buy and refinance our first house and was an invaluable asset as we navigated those complicated waters for the first time."
    Review 5 Stars
    G. Dicrosta